How Oil Prices Move the Stock Market

Written by Rick Welch on February 18, 2016

Saving for College

Written by Rick Welch on February 16, 2016

Markets, GDP and Corporate Earnings on February 1, 2016

Written by Rick Welch on February 1, 2016

This report is written as an executive summary of recent market, GDP and corporate earnings data.  If you have any questions or would like some additional information, please contact Rick Welch at (215) 603 2976 or

This is a strange market

Written by Rick Welch on January 20, 2016

STRANGE.  That is the best way to describe the slumping financial markets thus far in 2016.   Where are we headed from here? 

Will I ever be able to retire?

By Rick Welch  January 13, 2016

Rough Start to 2016 - What happened?

Written by Rick Welch on January 7, 2016

After a disappointing end to 2015, the first trading week of 2016 has seen increased volatility and share price losses. Today (Thursday at 8:30 AM EST) looks to bring additional losses as stock futures currently indicate a steep sell off.

Market Watch - January 2016

Written by Rick Welch on January 4, 2016


Does the 4% Rule still work?

By Rick Welch  December 8, 2015


Be Ready....for Anything

By Rick Welch on November 9, 2015

Market Watch - October 2015

By Rick Welch  October 1, 2015


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